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Dermal Fillers
There is only so much a great skin care routine can do. You can use the best products on the market, and still feel dissatisfied with their effect on your appearance. The loss of collagen and volume, repetitive facial movements, gravity and sun exposure work against your face’s natural shape and youthful look.
That’s where dermal fillers come in. Dermal fillers are different than Botox/Dysport injections. Both help improve the appearance of wrinkles and give your face a more youthful, relaxed look, but fillers are designed to plump and smooth — not prevent the muscles from contracting — and are used around the nose to the mouth, lips, cheeks.


Fillers replenish the collagen layer of the skin. Injections are placed at the subdermal-dermal levels of the skin’s surface and have an immediate effect on its volume.
Here is where the art of injection is important: it matters where fillers are placed to achieve a natural look. Each filler has its own personality, meaning your injector should chose a certain filler based on how your skin and face are aging. You may see folds around your mouth, but this could be a symptom of missing volume in the cheek area.


Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus XC - $600
Restylane Lyft & Restylane L - $575
Refyne & Defyne -$600
Juvederm Volbella - $425
Radiesse for Hands - $750 
Fillers can be used as part of a complete facial rejuvenation approach with other anti-aging treatments, like Botox, laser treatments, and quality skin care products.
There have been cases where fillers have been inadvertently placed in a blood vessel, which can cause major problems like skin death or even blindness. This is why it is vital to know who is injecting your dermal filler. “If injecting dermal filler is not what someone does on a daily basis, walk away,” Chantel says. “You don’t want more than you need. You don’t want filler to change the shape of your face, and you don’t want duck lips.”

Dermal Filler is injected into the skin after a numbing agent is applied.  Depending on the amount of injection areas the procedure can take around 20-25 minutes.  Bruising can be expected but can be minimized by the use of arnica gel or bromelaine capsules (encouraged to start 2-3 days before procedure and continue 3-4 days after) and found at GNC or Whole foods. Makeup and concealer can be applied directly after and regular activities can be resumed.  No excercise for 24 hours or laying flat for 4 hours after the treatment to avoid movement of the product. 

Results are immediate and can last anythwere up to 9-18months depending on the type of filler.  Lips last around 6 months.