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    So finally be able to bring to you bio-identical hormone replacement right here in Bardstown Ky.  My background is gynecology and I have treated thousands  of woman over the years and listened to their multi symptom list.  Many of them I knew on a personal level and so when they said they didn't feel good and all their lab work came back "normal" I knew the rest of you weren't just complaining to complain.  There was something truely wrong we just weren't taught the exact tools to figure out how to fix it.  I have strived to find answers for you and oh my did I.  There is a whole other side of medicane that involves lifestyle changes, increasing the amount of  sleep per night, decreasing stress and adding bio-identical hormones to your life.  Sounds great on paper right? Don't worry that is what myself and my team are here to help you with.  Our goal is to empower you with the appropriate tools so that you can be the best version of yourself.  You owe it to yourself to feel good everyday so you can live a long and healthy life.  You only have one body so treat it the best you can.  Simply adding in more nutrients, decreasing processed carbs and achieving a full nights sleep can remarkably affect if your body follows a path of disease or a path of well-being.  Don't be drawn to easy cookie-cutter programs or hormones.  You know your body is complex and one size DOES NOT fit all.  I am her to personalize your healthcare needs because the same treatment does not work on everyone. 
    Men & Women Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms

    Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
    Decrease Libido
    PMS/Menstrual Migraines
    Difficulty Sleeping at night
    Low Testosterone
    Loss of Muscle Mass or Increase Abdominal Fat

    How To Get Started?

    1. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step in the process of changing your life.

    2. Call our office to schedule an appt at 502.348.0992

    Appointment Fees
    Initial consult for new patient 55-60 min, plus 30 min consult w/ our dietician/lifestyle coach $300

    Follow-Up Appointment 25-30min $150
    Follow-Up Appointment 40-45min $189
    Follow-Up Appointment 50-60min $250

    An additional 3 appointments with the dietician are included with any 60 minute F/U appt with Chantel Unseld, APRN
    Vit B12 injections are included monthly between each appointment with Chantel Unseld, APRN

    Please note these fees will not include the cost of labs or prescriptions that you may be required to obtain in order to make the most appropriate plan for you.

    You are welcome to run blood tests through your insurance OR if you feel your coverage is poor we can provide you a self pay price through our office that must be paid in full before lab order is given. At this point we will provide you codes that you can attempt to file with your insurance for reimbursement.

    Approximate yearly fees for OV may estimate at $1,300/yr and vary depending on how many health issues we are needing to discuss.

    Labs fees through ZRT will need to be performed if you are using creams due to this is the only appropriate way to determine if your dose is safe for you.
    Approximate costs can add $700/year

    Payment is required at the time of service. We do not participate with any insurance plans. 

    Your lab results will be reviewed with you in detail at the time of your next appointment. The return of your lab results do not allow us to make determinations about changes in the treatment plan as they are an isolated fact. We make decisions based on a comprehensive review of your current clinical symptoms coupled with your current lifestyle, your medications and supplement in conjunction with the labs. Integrating all of these pieces of information allows us to make the most accurate and helpful recommendations.
    A copy of your lab results is always available for you. We encourage you to share these results with your primary care physician or any health care providers involved in your care. If your doctor is unfamiliar with the labs drawn, we would be happy to speak with them regarding their interpretation.